CELEBRATE MLK DAY 2014: We are passed the age of judging whites according to the content of their character & must, as Ra does, judge them singurlarly according to the color of their skin.

We are currently under a racist 'false flag' attack by many (whites) across the virtual nation who, representing us as a "hate/violence blog that's out of bounds from normal freedom of speech," are attempting to subvert our peaceful, but self defensive message & mission to Blogger in hopes of getting this outpost shutdown. Many false flaggers are associated w/historically racist white nationalist groups such as "Niggermania, Stormfront, & "Chimpout" who are opposed to our reparations movement. Google is hosting murderous Black Foot Soldier website for free, the notoriously anti-black Council of Conservative Citizens asserts. "The NBFSN deplores violence in black on white BOW reparations protests when staged against generational Trans Atlantic slave trade race criminals (whether direct or non direct profiteers) when protesters are forced to defend themselves against the violent Holocaust denial of reparations offenders. Soldiers are encouraged to contact Blogger to show support, however, formerly published auxiliary publishing processes are now in place. The NBFSN does not advocate violence against whites, white police or 'hate speech' and is a non violent & non relligious specific social movement. Reparations is not about handouts, free money or lazy blacks. It is a debt the US has owed far too long. Continue to stand for justice. " - Yusef Douglas, publisher; (PLUS SEE:) The NEW GhettoBraggingRights!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

"She thought she could come to the United States, fling her blonde hair about like a movie star & enjoy the elevated social position her terroristic race affords whites over niggers until God's spirits of Divine Universal Race Karma raped & sodomized her like her kind did ours . That cross around yo' neck don't mean nothing ungodly bitch. There are no innocent whites!" With due interest, Divine Racial Karma will return all evil whites have done to non-whites

"She thought she could come to the United States, fling her blonde hair about like a movie star & enjoy the elevated social position her terroristic race affords whites over niggers until God spirits of Divine Universal Race Karma snatched her & raped her - like her kind did ours. Under God's direction, brothers David Slocum and Emmanuel Paul left the non direct Trans Atlantic slave trade profiteer naked to wonder the squalid Dunbar Village living conditions that were likewise created by her kind. They did exactly what God wanted done to her & will be richly blessed for it. That cross around your neck don't mean nothing, bitch."
 - Palm Beach County Black Foot Soldiers

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The 3 Black Males Every Black Foot Soldier Wanna Be: The Protesters Who Defended Themselves in the Coach Steve Johnson Reparations Protest! ... "While in the parking lot he was approached by 3 black males" ... San Bernardino County Black Foot Soldiers Praise Pro-testers' Courage; Many question whether racially reprobate coach has learned lesson

(BREAKING) The Brandon Sloan Reparations Protest; 28 Year Old Reparations Offender Denies Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) Holocaust, Attacks Protesters: Dead; Kansas City Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Violent Holocaust Denial of Jackson County Racist Whites

The Racial Karma She Deserved: The Reparations Offender Hannah Wheeling Divine Racial Karma Rape & Killing; "Her naked body .. found in snow... choked with cord & skull crushed with cinder block." By Vessel of Karmic Retribution Brian Wonsom; Translated by divine Racial Karma translator Hallowed Yclept

Anonymous said...
Another ugly nigger that must resort to rape in order to feed his deranged need for sex. Tell me blacks aren't apes, in intelligence and appearance.

This little buck is off the streets for good and will get all the sex he can handle in prison. He'll like it too, as most of you "soldiers" take it up the ass, which is why aids run rampant in ape cities.

Black Revolutionary Specialist said...
It is a very exciting time to be alive! There are more poor, unemployed and struggling white people than at any other time on the planet! Melanoma and the other skin plagues promised by God to shame & condemn them they can no longer hide. We also know that the Sun of God's discriminating Ultraviolet Light is targeting and weakening his immune system.

Whether it be from the hands of people of color, from the hands of their own barbaric kind, from the hands of Mother Nature or at the hands of karmic retribution: the white race deserves every atrocity that happens to them for their crimes and failure to make restitution for them.

It is truly a blessing that this devil worshiping pig Hannah Wheeling reaped what her race has sewn.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Kerri Dalton Divine Racial Karma Stabbing: Defiant Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Reparations Offending White Supremacist STABBED IN NECK While Privileged White Flaunting & Suspected of "Narcissistically Turning Nose Up at Black Shoppers" in New Jersey Bed & Beyond; Was Brother Tyrik Haynes Chosen Vessel of Divine Race Karma?

"The very neck she used to narcissistically turn her head up and tilt her nose toward the sky in racial ascendancy to allegedly show her apparent personal feeling of superiority over black people, a hand wielded by Divine Racial Karma stabbed her in reported over twenty times."
New Jersey Black Foot Soldier William Still



What is a Reparations Protest? Do I have to stage a Reparations Protest become a Black Foot Soldier? How do I report my Reparations Protest? Are Reparations Protests reported in advance? NBFSN Crips & Bloods Wear Purple (Royalty), See; (SELF DEFENSE) When Reparations Offenders turn peaceful protests violent; Also, Can whites be Black Foot Soldiers?