CELEBRATE MLK DAY 2014: We are passed the age of judging whites according to the content of their character & must, as Ra does, judge them singurlarly according to the color of their skin.

We are currently under a racist 'false flag' attack by many (whites) across the virtual nation who, representing us as a "hate/violence blog that's out of bounds from normal freedom of speech," are attempting to subvert our peaceful, but self defensive message & mission to Blogger in hopes of getting this outpost shutdown. Many false flaggers are associated w/historically racist white nationalist groups such as "Niggermania, Stormfront, & "Chimpout" who are opposed to our reparations movement. Google is hosting murderous Black Foot Soldier website for free, the notoriously anti-black Council of Conservative Citizens asserts. "The NBFSN deplores violence in black on white BOW reparations protests when staged against generational Trans Atlantic slave trade race criminals (whether direct or non direct profiteers) when protesters are forced to defend themselves against the violent Holocaust denial of reparations offenders. Soldiers are encouraged to contact Blogger to show support, however, formerly published auxiliary publishing processes are now in place. The NBFSN does not advocate violence against whites, white police or 'hate speech' and is a non violent & non relligious specific social movement. Reparations is not about handouts, free money or lazy blacks. It is a debt the US has owed far too long. Continue to stand for justice. " - Yusef Douglas, publisher; (PLUS SEE:) The NEW GhettoBraggingRights!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Paula Martin Reparations Protest; Unrepentant Reparations Offender Denied Genera-tional Race Crimes, Attacks Protester; Protester Dartangan Cotton Reportedly "Forced to Defend Self"; Oaklahoma City Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Offenders' Holocaust Denial



Anonymous said...

So Da-Orangutan was "protecting himself" when he broke into this woman's home, raped and strangled her to death?

There's some nigger logic.

Anonymous said...

Black Logic.-spells Death...

Anonymous said...

These people are insane and the only reason why we should have the 2nd amendment. Obama wants to stripes of this rights because if he had son he would have looked like this man.

Anonymous said...

White people, we should teach love. As a matter of fact, we should hug our black brethren so tightly, we should just squeeze the life out of them.

Anonymous said...

What about the young men hanging by the ropes in the background? Oh, I guess the whites that done that were upright citizens. EVIL doers!

Anonymous said...

reparations.... its an issue to take up with the goverenment not the man on the street.
Though...I don't think reeparations have anything to do with the anger and hate.

I think black people hate all white people.
Even the white people that are trying to help them. Even the white people that are not judging them.

Hate is easy. You don't even need to think to do do it.

Its so very sad.



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