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Saturday, February 23, 2013

"The cotton fields were hot too, bitch!" Vile & Elderly Repartions Offender Nancy Harris Doused w/Gas & Set on Fire after Turning Believed Peaceful Protest Violent; Dallas County Black Foot Soldiers Condemn "Piggish Devil's" Life & Behavior, Hail Protester Matthew Johnson Her oin Stand for Restitution for Race Crimes Committed Against Us & Ancestors

Dallas County Black Foot Soldiers (DCBFS ) have issued a statement condemning the apparent violent Holocaust denial of seventy six year old reparations offender Nancy Harris and hailing protester Matthew Johnson a "hero" in his stand to hold Harris accountable for the unrestituted for race crimes her kind committed and commit against black Americans.

"For generations the cotton fields our ancestors toiled in layed the foundation by which this savage and white supremacist nation remains prosperous were torturously hot "
- Dallas County Black Foot Soldier Elijah Hays 

According to white media reports, Harris was doused with flammable liquid and set on fire during a robbery Sunday at the Fina Gas Station on the corner of Broadway and Colonel Drive where she works.

Dallas County Soldiers sources, however, assert that Harris is a flagrant reparations offender, Fina is a historically racist corporation and some now question whether she and the business were on an alleged 2012 list of businesses and people peaceful reparations protests were to be staged at.

DCBFS believe Johnson identified himself as a reparations protester and that Harris turned the protest violent. Although contacts are declining comment on how their theory of how the gasoline came into use and the fire was set, they believe Harris' violence forced Johnson into a position where he was forced to defend himself. "The cotton fields generations of our ancestors toiled in laying the foundation by which this savage and white supremacist nation remains prosperous as a result of were hot too, bitch," Dallas County Black Foot Soldier Elijah Hays is quoted as saying.

"It is a tragedy that not even fire could purge this vile, old, witch haired devil of her violent Holocaust denial." According to reports, Harris remains in critical condition at Parkland Memorial Hospital. It is unconfirmed whether a proposed 'Anti-Recovery' Dallas Black Foot Soldier pray rally is planned against her. 


Dallas Soldier Romanuel Cooper said...

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Anonymous said...

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Melanite Zaryus said...

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Melanite Zaryus said...

The sooner white people die out the better

White Genocide will benefit humanity because no more children or animals will be molested



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