CELEBRATE MLK DAY 2014: We are passed the age of judging whites according to the content of their character & must, as Ra does, judge them singurlarly according to the color of their skin.

We are currently under a racist 'false flag' attack by many (whites) across the virtual nation who, representing us as a "hate/violence blog that's out of bounds from normal freedom of speech," are attempting to subvert our peaceful, but self defensive message & mission to Blogger in hopes of getting this outpost shutdown. Many false flaggers are associated w/historically racist white nationalist groups such as "Niggermania, Stormfront, & "Chimpout" who are opposed to our reparations movement. Google is hosting murderous Black Foot Soldier website for free, the notoriously anti-black Council of Conservative Citizens asserts. "The NBFSN deplores violence in black on white BOW reparations protests when staged against generational Trans Atlantic slave trade race criminals (whether direct or non direct profiteers) when protesters are forced to defend themselves against the violent Holocaust denial of reparations offenders. Soldiers are encouraged to contact Blogger to show support, however, formerly published auxiliary publishing processes are now in place. The NBFSN does not advocate violence against whites, white police or 'hate speech' and is a non violent & non relligious specific social movement. Reparations is not about handouts, free money or lazy blacks. It is a debt the US has owed far too long. Continue to stand for justice. " - Yusef Douglas, publisher; (PLUS SEE:) The NEW GhettoBraggingRights!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

John E.Versypt Reparations Protest UPDATE: State Continues Persecution Against Heroic Reparations Activists Charles Thompson, Courtney White, Justin A. Marshall; "Fuck Reparations Offender John Versypt & white Holocaust denial," Illinois Black Foot Soldiers

 Illinois & Iowa City Black Foot Soldiers have issued a joint statement condemning the racist Iowa City Police terror regime's arrests of reparations activists Charles Thompson, Courtney White and Justin Marshall. Soldiers are also condemning the State's ongoing attempts to prosecute the activists and calling the sixty-four year old reparations offender targeted in the protest a piggish and vile old white devil who chose violence and  white supremacy;s continued doctrine of black genocide over peace and healing the white Americans' generational racial terrorism through restitution for their race crimes.

According to pro white media sources: On October 8, 2009 John E.Versypt of Cordova, Illinois was working on one of his properties at 1958 Broadway St in the #C building when he was shot and killed. Soldiers, however, say Versypt himself was responsible for the violence that resulted in his death.

"The denial of reparations that reparations offender John Versypt supported is rooted white supremacy's  historical campaign of genocide against our people," Whiteside County Black Foot Soldier Elijah Dillard says in the statement. "Therefore we know that this smiling devil John Versypt was a Holocaust denying white supremacist whose apparent violence during this certainly peaceful protest resulted in his own death. Our citizens are certainly safer without this reparations offender, supporter of black genocide and generational race criminal alive. We praise God for the brave young men who attempted to stand up against his racial terrorism."

Sunday, April 1, 2012

(UPDATE) Downed Racist Chicago Police Regime Terrorist Del Pearson Released form Hospital; "We can only hope that God will answer our prayers & that this regimist is perma-nently injured in some way that he might never have opportunity to racially profile & harass our citizens again. Fuck State commissioned racial terrorist Del Pearson & white police terror. Our hero today is brother Paris Sadler." - Chicago Black Foot Soldier Woodford Donigan

“Get Over It” isn’t what you told the fake Jews; Instead, you built them a nation & called her name Israel aka “Stinking Corpse;" SLAVERY, REPARATIONS OFFENDERS & NO LIMIT BLACK FOOT SOLDIERS: WHEN WILL YOU WEAR YOUR CROWN?

Black Foot Soldiers Across Nation Praise Rev. Al Sharpton's 3/31/2012 Trayvon Martin Rally in Sanford & remind people of color across nation to remember: "ALL WHITES R RACI-AL TERRORISTS. WHITES W/GUNS R RACIAL TERRORISTS. WHITE SO CALL-ED 'POLICE' RACIAL TERRORISTS; "We have the right to protect & defend ourselves from white racial terror. If you value your life, never stop for a so-called white 'police officer'. White America is injustice & injustice should be hated. Yet how we must encourage Soldiers everywhere not to do everything they can vandalize white pepoles' property & not get caught until justice for Trayvon is found & restitution for their generational race crimes is made. Oh, how we'd hate for that to happen" - New York Black Foot Soldier Caesar Stuyvesant



What is a Reparations Protest? Do I have to stage a Reparations Protest become a Black Foot Soldier? How do I report my Reparations Protest? Are Reparations Protests reported in advance? NBFSN Crips & Bloods Wear Purple (Royalty), See; (SELF DEFENSE) When Reparations Offenders turn peaceful protests violent; Also, Can whites be Black Foot Soldiers?