CELEBRATE MLK DAY 2013: We are passed the age of judging whites according to the content of their character & must, as Ra does, judge them singurlarly according to the color of their skin.

We are currently under a racist 'false flag' attack by many (whites) across the virtual nation who, representing us as a "hate/violence blog that's out of bounds from normal freedom of speech," are attempting to subvert our peaceful, but self defensive message & mission to Blogger in hopes of getting this outpost shutdown. Many false flaggers are associated w/historically racist white nationalist groups such as "Niggermania, Stormfront, & "Chimpout" who are opposed to our reparations movement. Google is hosting murderous Black Foot Soldier website for free, the notoriously anti-black Council of Conservative Citizens asserts. "The NBFSN deplores violence in black on white BOW reparations protests when staged against generational Trans Atlantic slave trade race criminals (whether direct or non direct profiteers) when protesters are forced to defend themselves against the violent Holocaust denial of reparations offenders. Soldiers are encouraged to contact Blogger to show support, however, formerly published auxiliary publishing processes are now in place. The NBFSN does not advocate violence against whites, white police or 'hate speech' and is a non violent & non relligious specific social movement. Reparations is not about handouts, free money or lazy blacks. It is a debt the US has owed far too long. Continue to stand for justice. " - Yusef Douglas, publisher; (PLUS SEE:) The NEW GhettoBraggingRights!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

"GOD LEFT THE BLOODY FOOT PRINT ON YO' FACE, BITCH," Shelby County Black Foot Soldiers! The Divine Racial Karma Visitation & Reparations Protest of TAST Holocaust Denying Devil Allene Durdin!; "Allene & Terrio are chosen vessels of Divine Racial Karma against vile, elderly race criminal," NBFSN DRK translator Hallowed Yclept

Shelby County Black Foot Soldiers have reportedly released a statement concerning the April 15th apparent Allene Durdin reparations protest turned Divine Racial Karma (DRK) visitation.

While white media sources assert alleged protesters Terrio Pope and Ramon Huntly committed a home invasion and, then, beat Durdin for no reason,  Tennessee Penitentiary Islam elder Elijah Ahmadinejad says he believes the evidence demonstrates that Pope and Huntly did attempt a peaceful reparations protest that Durdin then turned violent and that, because of her racial obstenence, Divine Racial Karma entered and returned unto her a portion for her ongoing crimes. "For while we can never support violence. Which of us is strong enough to resist the order of Divine Racial Karma?" Ahmadinejad says.

SEE: "Get over it!" .. "You were NEVER a slave!" .. "But only 26% of whites owned slaved." .. "Nobody owes you ANYTHING!" "We didn't own slaves." .. "Your own kind sold you into slavery!" "Blacks weren't the only slaves." .. "The Irish were slaves too!" .. "You never picked ANY cotton!" ... Denying Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) Reparations is White Racial Terrorism & We Have the Right to Defend Ourselves Against White Racial Terrorism

"As that dirty old devil has lived here on  North McAuley Drive for more than fifty years and never once sought forth to even so much as even offer her home as reparations for her kind's generational crimes against us demonstrates the kind of dangerous racial terrorist racial terrorist she is. Too, the fact she was apparantly racially-vain enough to think Divine Racial Karma wouldn't return to her the generational racial just deserts she deserved  yet demonstrates her embrace of vacant white supremacist ideology.  We can only hope that now after bearing witness to Divine Racial Karma's condemnation upon her that she will change her wicked ways." Shelby County Black Foot Soldier Calvin McDonnell is quoted as saying.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"Fuck Joshua Proutey. We are thankful he can no longer deny our Holocaust & threaten our people." - New Hanover County Black Foot Soldiers "Our hero is Christopher Cromartie Jr."

The Joshua Proutey Reparations Proktest
"Joshua Proutey's death should be a sign to all America's savage white people that their concepts of good and giving are not Trans Atlantic Slave Trade reparations."

According to white media sources: "Joshua Proutey was described as a very loving kind, gentle soul, who I don't know ever had an enemy. "I don't know that anybody would ever want to harm him," Patty Proutey, Joshua's mother, said.

"He  was a devout Christian who in his 19 years of life touched many lives. He spent a lot of years of his life in Guatemala doing missions trips and he would reach out to kids who had absolutely nothing and literally give him the clothes off of his back," Patty Proutey said.

But according to New Hanover County Black Foot Soldier Govan Ward Proutey was a racial hypocrite and Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Holocaust white supremacist who, until the very day he died, refused making restitution for his kind's generational race crimes against blacks and other people of color. 



What is a Reparations Protest? Do I have to stage a Reparations Protest become a Black Foot Soldier? How do I report my Reparations Protest? Are Reparations Protests reported in advance? NBFSN Crips & Bloods Wear Purple (Royalty), See; (SELF DEFENSE) When Reparations Offenders turn peaceful protests violent; Also, Can whites be Black Foot Soldiers?